Just in case our email response is taking too long, here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t worry…they are cost-free!

1. Is this a paid service?

You can be certain that the content provided is free and built upon the idea of guiding Singaporeans towards staying healthy with budget-friendly recipe ideas.

2. What kind of recipes do you offer here?

We offer easy-to-follow budget meal ideas over a wide range of cuisines, because we know repetition is boring for you!

3. Is there a way to calculate the macro?

Our macros are calculated using a customized macro calculator that we have.

4. How are the ingredients selected?

The ingredients picked are sourced from local markets, supermarkets and reliable external suppliers within Singapore with a dedication in mind – To nourish the bodies with high-quality ingredients! They are hand-picked from our trusted marketing partners such as the fishmongers, butchers, etc.

5. Can I modify the ingredients to accommodate my allergies and food preferences?

We understand that not every ingredients used for each recipe will be suitable for each  of you. As such, we have provided alternatives beside some of the ingredients used. However, take note that changing of original ingredients used may in turn alter the overall taste of the recipe!

6. I have never cooked before, can I still prepare these recipes?

Yes, definitely. We encourage more readers to take on this journey of eating healthy, as such all recipes provided are beginner-friendly!

7. I'm new in the kitchen, what equipments would I need to get started?

Other than the usual kitchen equipments such as chef knife and frying pan, here’s a list of the full equipments needed to kickstart your cooking journey.

8. How do you get the cost for each recipe?

The cost for each recipe is calculated based on the total amount spent at any grocery store that’s offering the cheapest ingredients available islandwide. You may refer here for a detailed description of how to calculate the cost of each recipe.

9. Other than budget-friendly, Are the recipes diet-friendly too?

Everyone has different dietary needs and the word “healthy” is extremely subjective. Over here at Paofoodmedicine, we try to practice coming up with well-rounded and balanced diets using limited amount of budget allocated.

However, we are working on getting certified nutritionists/dietitian onboard the team too, to educate and give recommendations on meal-plans to stay healthy all year round. Stay tuned on that!

9. My recipe didn't turn out as expected, what did I do wrong?

We are all humans, hence making mistakes is inevitable. Don’t let it get you down! Always try again! Check out our blog post about 10 Tips for Recipe Success, which explains a lot of common error when following a recipe.

The first thing to check when troubleshooting a recipe is the ingredients and instructions. Reread through everything once more because it’s very easy to forget an ingredient, get the quantity wrong, or use the wrong ingredient all together (baking soda instead of baking powder happens A LOT). Also, it’s very easy to accidentally skip a step or overlook an important sentence in the instructions. Most of the time, you’ll find your answer simply by reading through again.

If the problem still can’t be resolved, you may feel free to reach out to us via this contact form! We’ll try our hardest to figure it out, but sometimes it’s just not possible without having watched your process. Be sure to provide us with a good description of your end product because that will give us the most clues!

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